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TxB Cardio assay

Product Method Size Catalog Price Quantity
TxB Cardio assay Latex Enhanced Immunoturbidimetric R1 1 x 9ml, R2 1 x 4.7ml TBX2759 $1985.16
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  • Format
    Liquid ready-to-use
  • Assay Range
    400 - 6000 pg/ml
  • Working Stability 2-8 °C
    Stable to expiry
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Intended Use

The TxBCardio™ Test Kit is a quantitative immunoturbidimetric immunoassay (ITA) to determine levels of 11-Dehydro Thromboxane B2 (11dhTxB2) in human urine, which aids in the determination of platelet response to Acetylsalicylic Acid (ASA) ingestion.

Clinical Significance

Activated and aggregated platelets play a key role in the pathogenesis of cardiovascular disease. Activated platelets produce Thromboxane A2 (TxA2), a potent vasoconstrictor and inducer of platelet aggregation (1-2). TxA2 is generated by Thromboxane synthase from molecules derived from arachidonic acid by cyclooxygenase-1 (COX-1)(1,3) . TxA2 has a short half-life in plasma and is rapidly hydrolysed to Thromboxane B2 (TxB2). TxB2, in turn, is metabolised to 11-Dehydro Thromboxane B2 (11dhTxB2), I1-Dehydro 2,3 dinor Thromboxane B2 (11dh2,3DTxB2, a truncated form of 11dhTxB2), and a number of other minor TxB2 metabolites which are excreted by the kidney.(4-7) Thus, 11dhTxB2 is a stable metabolite of TxA2 and an in vivo indicator of platelet activity.

Acetylsalicylic acid (ASA) has been known for many years to have anti-platelet activity.8 ASA functions by acetylating and irreversibly inhibiting COX-1, thus inhibiting the production of TxA2 and its metabolites.9-11 Low dose ASA blocks more than 95% of platelet COX-1 activity.12-13 The measurement of stable metabolites of TxA2, such as urinary 11dhTxB2, is a means of quantitating TxA2 production in vivo and thus a direct way to analyse ASA’s effect post ingestion.7, 14-16 The TxBCardio™ Test may determine if the ASA ingested by an individual is inhibiting cyclooxygenase activity through the measurement of 11dhTxB2.


Randox TxBCardio™ assay is a latex-enhanced immunoturbidimetric assay. It is based on the principle of measuring changes in scattered light. The latex particles are coated with 11dhTxB2, which in the presence of anti-11dhTxB2 antibody solution, rapidly agglutinate.

When a sample containing 11dhTxB2 is introduced, the agglutination reaction is partially inhibited, slowing down the agglutination process. The rate of agglutination is inversely dependent upon the concentration of 11dhTxB2 in the sample. The change in scattered light is measured as a change in absorbance at 700nm. By constructing a standard curve from the absorbance of the standards, 11dhTxB2 concentration in the sample can be determined. The actual change in absorbance is inversely proportional to the concentration of 11dhTxB2 in the sample.

For research use only in the USA. Not for use in diagnostic procedures in the USA.

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