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Creatinine (liquid) assay

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Creatinine (liquid) assay Jaffe 6 x 500ml CR524 $185.59
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  • Format
  • Assay Range
  • Working Stability 15-25 °C
    3 days
  • Working Stability 2-8 °C
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Intended Use

For the quantitative in vitro determination of creatinine in serum, plasma or urine. This product is suitable for both manual and automated use.

Clinical Significance

Creatinine is derived from creatine and creatine phosphate in muscle tissue and may be defined as a nitrogenous waste product. Creatinine is not reutilized but is excreted from the body in the urine via the kidney. It is produced and excreted at a constant rate which is proportional to the body muscle mass. As a consequence of the way in which creatinine is excreted by the kidney, creatinine measurement is used almost exclusively in the assessment of kidney function. Creatinine is regarded as the most useful endogenous marker in the diagnosis and treatment of kidney disease.

Creatinine is measured primarily to assess kidney function and has certain advantages over the measurement of urea. The plasma level of creatinine is relatively independent of protein ingestion, water intake, rate of urine production and exercise. Since its rate of production is constant, elevation of plasma creatinine is indicative of under-excretion, suggesting kidney impairment. Depressed levels of plasma creatinine are rare and not clinically significant.


Creatinine in alkaline solution reacts with picric acid to form a colored complex. The amount of the complex formed is directly proportional to the creatinine concentration.

Available Applications

  • Abbott Architect + Aeroset + Spectrum II
  • Alcyon 300 + Falcor
  • ATAC 8000
  • BS200, BS-300
  • BT2000/BT3000/ILAB300/TARGA
  • Clinline, Lisa Series + Mascott Plus
  • Cobas Mira, Mira S + Mira Plus, Fara
  • Dimension
  • Express 550
  • Humalyzer 850, Humalyzer 900S, Sigma SD 2000
  • Olympus, AU2700, AU400, AU600
  • Pentra 400
  • Saba Autolab
  • Synchron CX 4, CX 5, CX 7, CX 9, LX20
  • Vitalab Flexor, Selectra E + Selectra II
  • Hitachi 904, 911, 912
  • Wako 30R