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Bilirubin (Total) (liquid) assay

Product Method Size Catalog Price Quantity
Bilirubin (Total) (liquid) assay Modified Jendrassik R1 2 x 50ml, R2 8 x 4ml BR8036 $140.93
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  • Format
    Liquid ready-to-use
  • Assay Range
    1.95 - 619Tmol/l
  • Working Stability 15-25 °C
    Stable to expiry date
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Intended Use

A Total Bilirubin test system is a device intended for the quantitative in vitro determination of Total Bilirubin concentration in serum and plasma. This product is suitable for use on RX series analyser, RX suzuka.

Clinical Significance

Measurements of the levels of bilirubin, an organic compound formed during the normal and abnormal disruption of red blood cells, is used in the diagnosis and treatment of liver, haemolytic, haematological, and metabolic disorders, including hepatitis and gall bladder block.


Colorimetric method based on that described by Jendrassik and Grof (1938). Total bilirubin is determined in the presence of caffeine, which releases albumin bound bilirubin, by the reaction with diazotised sulphanilic acid.

Available Applications

RX Suzuka