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Randox has researched, developed and manufactured innovative diagnostics products for 30 years.

Browse our wide range of innovative products including diagnostic reagents, quality controls, biochip arrays and RIQAS EQA/PT programmes.

All Randox products are made in the UK. Certain products are for research use only and not for use in diagnostic procedures in the USA. Product availability may vary from country to country. Please contact your local Randox representative for information.

new products

Hba1c/hb (liquid) assay

R1 3 x 14ml, R2 3 x 14ml 


Aldolase assay

5 x 20ml 


Bilirubin (liquid) assay

1 x 225 or 2 x 625ml 


Creatinine (liquid) assay

1 x 200ml 


Triglycerides assay

6 x 15ml, 5 x 100ml, 10 x 50ml 


Cholesterol (liquid) assay

6 x 100ml 


Microalbumin (2-shot only) (li...

R1 1 x 60ml, R2 3 x 8ml 


Ck-mb assay

19 x 2.5ml